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The process of looking for your new Spanish dream home is exciting, but can also be extremely stressfull. We understand the processes involved, because we have done it ourselves.

Read our story and then learn how we can help you…..

Before moving to Spain we spent countless hours trawling through property websites. We learned about the areas that interested us and contacted agents to set up viewings, once we arrived in their area.

We spent a year travelling through most of the Spanish costas and dealt with numerous agents and viewed an enormous amount of property. We found that we rarely got to see the properties advertised on websites, as they were either SOLD or the agent we were dealing with did not have direct access to the seller.  On one particular day, three different agents, all took us to the same house, within hours of each other. Not an ideal situation for everyone involved. When we started setting up contacts for our own property business, we found that, one of the more high profile agents in the area, actually had our very own villa, still listed for sale on their website, over a year after we had bought it and moved in.

The fact is that the marketplace is different in Spain as many sellers list their property with multiple agents. Our job as property finders is to save you lots of time, effort and money, by accessing the property that is available and showing you property that meets your desired criteria, as closely as possible.

It doesn`t end there though as we believe in giving you the best service possible. We live in this area, we know this area and we can help you, even after you have purchased your home. In our first year we were left to our own devices and had to learn as we went along. The agency that we bought through offered no help whatsoever and only had interest in their commission cheque, before moving on to the next customer. After sales service was non existent. We don`t work this way, as we treat our clients in exactly the same way as we would like to be treated ourselves.

In our first year we had to learn about currency exchange, doctors, dentists, electricians, plumbers, car mechanics, gas bottles, household maintenance, places to shop for our requirements, paying of bills, banks, suma and taxes etc. We will happily share our knowledge.

We are here to help you long after you have purchased your property!

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Linda Daber & Kevin Jackson