Social Media Following On the Increase

The online marketplace is paramount when it comes to selling your property. More and more searching is now done online compared to the old high street window option.

Getting your property listed on an agents website is just part of the promotional picture. The key is to getting the website found and your listing seen by potential buyers. With this in mind, social media can play a vital part. More and more people use social media each day and utilize it for every aspect of modern life. Why should searching for your dream Spanish home be any different.

If your agent doesn´t  utilize social media they are definitely missing a huge trick. This is a fertile area for attracting new customers and buyers. From a sellers perspective it is also key as social media promotion can keep your listing fresh and up to date and can maximize the chances of finding a buyer by complementing the normal avenues used to find a buyer.

We ourselves are heavily into social media promotion which you can see from our growing following on the major social networks. As an example our google following has just gone through the 1,000 follower mark.

When deciding which agent you want to use to sell your property, make sure that they are maximizing all the potential avenues that help sell your property.

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